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Gymnasium Clock Guard
Wire Guard for Clocks
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Clock Guards
     • Bright zinc plated
     • Epoxy lacquer clear coat
     • Multiple sizes
     • Constructed with heavy gauge wire
     • Some models hinged for accessibility
american time™ clock guards are designed to protect your equipment from inadvertent damage while maintaining optimum
visibility. ATS stocks a wide variety of shapes and sizes for immediate delivery to you. Ask your customer service representative
about our custom guards manufactured for the unique products you need to protect. Measurements are inside dimensions.
american time™ guards are plated and clear coated for corrosion resistance and optimal appearance. The finish on the guards is
designed for protection wherever they are used, internal or external. Some of the guards are hinged for easy access to the product
after attachment to the wall. Mounting hinges can be added to all other guards for additional cost. Call our customer service
representatives for pricing. AT guards are manufactured with #3 gauge, (approx. .250" diameter), #6 gauge (approx. .200" diameter)
or #8 gauge (approx. .150" diameter) steel rod material. Guards have welded tabs with mounting holes (designed to accept .250"
diameter fastening lags, bolts or screws) or looping foot attachments for easy installation.
Model 1200
➣ 151/2" x 151/2" x 43/4" deep
➣ Hole opening 31/4" x 31/4"
➣ Hinged front for accessibility
➣ Fits all 12" round clocks
Model 1500
➣ 191/2" x 191/2" x 43/4" deep
➣ Hole opening 23/4" x 23/4"
➣ Hinged front for accessibility
➣ Fits all 15" round clocks
➣ Fits all 12" square clocks
Model 1800
➣ 221/4" x 221/4" x 43/4" deep
➣ Hole opening 43/4" x 23/4"
➣ Hinged front for accessibility
➣ Fits all 18" round clocks
6 and 8 gauge rods (2400 and 2709 are 3 gauge)
PS03006 Rev C

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